A Team of Cost Reduction Specialists for Telecommunications Line Cost Containment

A Team of Cost Reduction Specialists for Telecommunications Line Cost Containment

We uncover hidden overcharges that you can’t see!

We uncover hidden overcharges that you can’t see!

We do all the work for you and work on contingency.
Easiest money you’ll ever find.

We do all the work for you and work on contingency.
Easiest money you’ll ever find.

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Nesbitt Solutions saves organizations millions of dollars on telecommunication overcharges.

We consistently cut telecommunications line expenses by 25-40% without changing carriers. That’s savings over and beyond what the internal auditors can find.

We find overcharges that you didn’t even know about! We look backward for years and find rebates, refunds and credits on the wireline, mobile and internet bills.

We interact directly with the telecom vendor, saving you money and time effortlessly. We relieve you of that difficult burden to refund your entitled money.

We find missed tax exemptions and get the refunds back to you! We are tax experts for all Non Profit organizations and healthcare.

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients.

Here’s what they’re saying about us.

“As the CFO, I worked with Christine at Dignity Health. She uncovered and verified $120,000 telecom billing error. We struggled for one year on our own to correct the billing error, but could not verify it by ourselves.

I’ve known Christine Nesbitt for 10 years. I trust that she can help any organization uncover hidden overcharges and recover your entitled money. And provide ongoing sustainable cost containment.”


AG Financial Advisory Group LLC, Principal

“I was surprised as how easy the process was; very little staff time was required. I would recommend this to anyone looking to save money and control their communication costs.”


CEO Association of California Healthcare Districts

“Christine and her team are absolutely fantastic. Their skills in saving money on telecommunications services in a non-disruptive fashion is essential in today’s healthcare environment. At MultiCare Health and Marin Health they saved several hundred thousand dollars.


CFO MultiCare health

We have a unique set of skills and strong vendor relations that fills a gap that organizations don’t have.

We work on contingency. We get paid – when you get paid.


For the Healthcare industry COVID-19 disrupted revenue of billions of dollars for hospitals, due to postponed elective surgeries and other challenges.

HFMA reported hospitals are losing $1 million per day from COVID-19 crisis. Thus forcing hospitals to close or reorganize into entirely different types of health care service providers.

One-third of hospitals will close by end of 2021.

One way to get money back to your bottom line whether you are a hospital or other organization is to recover overcharges in the telecommunication bills.

Our team of experts saves organizations millions of dollars without the need of internal staff time.

Potential major savings on telecommunication lines, which are audited according to the special rates for healthcare organization with a two years statute of limitation in order to receive 25% to 40% discounts.

We see hidden charges that you can’t see…misapplied tax charges and surcharges.

Even if you’re tax-exempt, phone companies still charge unnecessary taxes and surcharges without the customer’s knowledge!

Not only are you putting found money back into your operational budget. You’re freeing up staff time to do mission-critical work.

Find out how much phone bill errors are costing you.

Find out how much overcharges are costing you!

We offer a complimentary phone bill review.

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